How to select the best wedding cards

A wedding is one of the memorable events in a person’s life. One wishes everything should be perfect and the wedding is such that the people just say WoW and it leaves an everlasting memory in the mind of everyone attending the marriage. Factory 51 unique wedding venue  is a boutique industrial function venue, bar and bistro that is located in a lovingly restored old industrial buildingblessed with stunning red brick walls, an elegant design & a large alfresco space.

There are many wedding events and functions which give you ample opportunity to use creativity, especially if you plan to have a themed wedding.  Well, the first and the one which makes the first and the most important and everlasting impression is the wedding invite.

The wedding invite is the prelude to the wedding for the guests and what a kind of wedding is in store for them. The creativity, the interest and the personal warmth conveyed through the invite creates a keenness and excitement in the mind of the guest to attend the wedding. This is the major role of the wedding card and if is successful in creating that anxiety, it has done its job.

The process of finding the card

The task is of finding the perfect wedding invite can be tough but it all depends absolutely on your liking and taste. As you go about finding the card, first you need to finalize the style of your card. Do you want the card to be simple, exuberant or just elegant? Well, the choice is yours. This should be followed by the kind of writing style and fonts you would like to include. This should go with the theme. Here, if you wish to be humorous then a Bradley Hand theme or of the like would perfectly fit the bill.

The Design

Color also plays a very important role when it comes to a wedding invite. The color can be as per the season when the wedding is happening. For instance a nice reddish rust colored card if it’s happening in fall, or a nice green or any assortment of bright colors to depict springtime wedding. In fact the wedding invite can also be color coordinated with the colors of the bridesmaids dressed and the theme of the wedding. Many times cards can even be customized as per choice, For instance the invite can come like a doctor’s prescription if anyone out of the two or both are doctors getting married.

Well, there is no dearth of creativity. Nowadays, lovely motifs and designs are available which help you find and design your card. The last and most crucial aspect is finding the right stationer who will print your card for you and well on schedule so that they can be dispatched in time.